About Me

Kevin Killin

Director & Geophysicist

Kevin is a founding Director and Geophysicist of Simcoe Geoscience Limited. Working since 1986 in various aspects of exploration and environmental studies has provided a well-rounded understanding of the limitations, successful application, and interpretation of various geoscientific methods. Project management and company managerial roles throughout Kevin’s career have created a solid economic and operational understanding of project evaluation, quotation, budgeting, and execution.

Kevin’s experience includes projects worldwide. He has worked in England, Scandinavia, Africa, The Middle East, and throughout North and South America. Projects include radiation monitoring in England after Chernobyl, water table depth mapping, mine site geophysics, contamination plume delineation, and general exploration geophysics.

Kevin advocates an “integrated approach” to all geoscientific problems. All problems require dedication and cooperation of project staff, engineers, geologists, geochemists, environmentalists and management in order to come to an acceptable solution. Design of all geophysical surveys requires input in order to meet survey acquisition and interpretation goals.