About Me

Mirza Shahbaz

Operations Manager (Western Canada)

Shahbaz graduated from the University of Punjab (Pakistan) in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Geology and Master’s degree in Petroleum & Structural Geology at the same University in 2004. His thesis work was on “Regional geological mapping, sedimentology, fluvial facies analysis & reservoir characterization. After university, he started his career as Assistant Director Geologist at Geological Survey of Pakistan (2006-2012). He performed geological mapping, mineral prospecting, exploration geochemistry, and drilling projects in different basins of Pakistan i.e., Potwar, Lower Indus and Kharan.

Since 2013, Shahbaz started a new venture as Reservoir Sedimentologist in the “Canadian Oil & Gas” industry and carried out projects for different oil companies at Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), Calgary, Canada. The focus was on conventional & unconventional reservoirs (shale gas, tight gas sands, shale oil), oil sands and post-well studies for reservoir characterization and field development using state of the art Lab technology. He performed wellsite geology (vertical, directional, horizontal wells) and onsite/remote geosteering geology for Chinook and Pro Geo Consultants, in Deep Basin, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB).

In 2019, Shahbaz joined Simcoe Geoscience Limited as Field Manager (geologist) for a gold exploration project using IP & Gravity geophysical investigation techniques in the Middle East region. Since then, he has been handling administrative, financial and logistics support for overseas projects. He is also developing business opportunities of shallow geophysical techniques for geotechnical engineering & environmental studies in the western part of Canada.