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Next Generation Geophysics

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Environmental & Geotechnical Investigations

Environmental awareness and public concerns have lead to increased diligence in geotechnical and environmental site characterization.

Geophysical methods can help to delineate environmental issues such as contamination plume extent at depth, or water table depth. Infrastructure studies, locating buried pipes, sewers, holding tanks for decommissioning , can be delineated by various methods.

Risk reduction and public safety are enhanced using geophysical methods for the discovery and delineation of past and present technical and environmental hazards through subsurface investigations using modern equipment... Read more

Exploration and Geological


Exploration problems have become more complex as many new deposits are being found beneath thicker overburden cover and at greater depths.

Modern geophysical equipment and methodologies can provide a distinct advantage in discovery when the acquired data are combined with all subsurface data gathered in exploration programs.

Simcoe Geoscience has access to and experience with all modern geophysical systems.

Your project can be big or small. Simcoe can provide an intelligent geophysical solution tailored to your needs... Read more


(Ground & Airborne)

Simcoe Geoscience offers consulting services based on 50 years combined management experience in all aspects of geoscience. We strive to add a “piece of the puzzle” to your programs.

Simcoe offers a full service program, beginning with contract negotiation, project design and management. We collaborate with your team(s) in order to ensure that the solution to your problems are cost effective and technically correct.

Simcoe provides data management and data integration services that can be used to provide products that allow your team(s) in collaboration with Simcoe to make sound financial decisions.

Well grounded and geologically sound interpretations are provided using current proven modelling techniques.... Read more