About Simcoe Geoscience

Simcoe Geoscience Limited is a Canadian company with its global presence that provides geophysical surveys and consulting services to the exploration, environmental and engineering industries. Management has a combined “50 plus” years of industry related experience and our dynamic team of geoscientists and consultants are able to offer solutions for all of your geoscientific challenges. Simcoe has a strong business interest in designing and executing accurate, affordable and streamlined geoscience solutions. We have world class computing power and unparalleled modeling experience which allows us to provide high quality products in an efficient manner.


Simcoe Geoscience Limited is committed to providing premier quality services in a safe, timely and cost effective manner to its clients. We strive to be the partner of choice for technology and innovation.


The mission of Simcoe Geoscience Limited is to provide realistic, affordable and simplified solutions to aid in efficiency and reduce risks for any geoscience related projects.


Simcoe Geoscience Limited is focused on becoming established as a leader in the acquisition, data processing and interpretation of all geophysical data by providing organizations with the best quality data and products to the end user on time.