Integrating Geosciences

Simcoe Geoscience’s consulting services for all geophysical methods and projects are backed by experience and access to all of the most “up to date” software and computing resources. We believe that the integration of all available data, new or legacy maximizes the understanding of every phase of your project. We can provide expertise throughout your whole project, or any single stage as required. We commit to maximizing your ability to utilize, understand, and extract value from any project undertaken. We commit to working with you to balance your project goals with all alternatives. Please contact us for a custom solution.

Interpretation goals are discussed with individual clients. Whether a broad regional interpretation is required, or detailed target delineation on multiple datasets and data types, Simcoe has the experience. Integration of legacy data sets collected either from government sources, service providers, or part of your archives, all of these data can be combined into a common database. Simcoe will compile data and produce products that are developed in cooperation with your exploration team. We firmly believe in working as a team with your company will produce the best results.

Effective design and planning should be based upon a clear definition of target goals. In some cases it is prudent to investigate the theoretical response of anticipated targets in order to properly ensure that the proper specifications for your surveys will maximize the ability of the system(s) to delineate targets in both lateral and depth extent. Simcoe Geoscience can provide expertise in pre-survey planning and target response modelling where needed.

Simcoe’s experienced management and technical team are well versed in ensuring that contracts are properly designed. Specifications for geophysical data collection, including reasonable system verification checks are all part of a properly designed contract. We can review and help you to make the right decisions for any geophysical contract.

Data quality control and assurance is a key factor in any geophysical survey. It is important to collect the best possible data to ensure that targets are able to be detected. Simcoe utilizes the most up to date software to detect noise and other possible data issues on any data set we work with. During collection we can check data daily and verify all tests and final data during mobilization and before demobilization.

Simcoe can work with recently collected data or any legacy data to produce new products with state of the art software. Production of anything from pseudosections, plan maps through 3D presentations of larger data sets is commonly produced. Please contact us for a custom solution.

Data can be modelled in many ways. Whether 1D, 2D, or 3D modelling or inversions are required in your programs. Simcoe can produce the dataset in a timely and cost efficient manner. We have access to the latest software for all problems, electromagnetic, magnetic, IP, and more. Contacts within the academic community also allow us to keep current on all developments. Please contact us for a custom solution.