Wireless Alpha IP ™

Next Generation “Wireless” Alpha IP / Resistivity Surveys Delivered Globally

Since its introduction in 2015, Simcoe Geoscience’s innovative, next generation “Wireless” Time Domain Distributed IP Technology has revolutionized IP / Resistivity surveying leading to both shallow and deep mineral discoveries worldwide. Alpha IP™ acquires both 2D & 3D data with full data fidelity from surface to depths as great as 3000+ m (most surveys range from 350 m to 1000 m).

Moreover, Alpha IP™ is known for its premium quality data that is targeted today to the enhanced standards demanded for next generation Al-driven exploration methods as well as existing modern exploration methods.

Above we see a double targeting result on a single Alpha IP™ survey investment by this explorer. Two targets were distinguished in a single line of 2D work, including a tourmaline breccia to the west and a porphyry Cu Au target to the east. Depth shown in 800 m; results have been truncated below 800 m but, in fact, extend to 1000+ m in depth. Courtesy of Jaxon Mining Inc.

Global Success for 2D and 3D Alpha IP™ Surveys

Alpha IP™ has been used on numerous continents globally with 1500+ line km of 2D data and 500+ square km of 3D data acquired over the past several years – making Alpha IP the most relied-upon IP technology for next generation explorers. Of course, part of the appeal is the high success rate with numerous successful drillhole targeting exercises and mine discoveries in British Columbia, Canada and in the desert regions of the world as well.

Brief Description of “Wireless” Alpha IP™ and Its Benefits for Mineral Discovery

Simcoe was the first geophysical services company globally to develop a “Wireless” IP technology and has been targeting deposits with the system since 2015.

“Wireless” is a description that we uniquely apply to describe the Receiver side of the survey only; a continuous wire is still required for the Transmitter side. With its next generation Alpha IP™ reliability in targeting, the company has been able to deliver more line km and square km of high definition data than any other IP geophysical services group globally with proven effectiveness and record of success for mineral discovery.

The system deploys Receivers and Electrode pairs in a node construction without any connections between nodes. This latter point eliminates EM coupling effects to add to the premium quality of Alpha IP™ data. Node construction enables the surveying of very long lines. For explorers, the significance of longer lines is that Simcoe can now achieve depths of investigation that are unmatched by any other IP technology in the exploration space.

Designed to Find Ore Deposits Economically

In execution, Alpha IP™ is focused on delivering optimal results while minimizing operating expenses and eliminating nuisance issues, such as line cutting, which is not required with our technology.

In providing the industry with the next generation tools for finding next generation mineral deposits, our initial design goals were to increase system automation, lower equipment and operational costs, and significantly reduce system weight which, in turn, lowers survey costs for clients. We also worked to minimize the number of field personal required which adds value by saving costs for clients.

Simcoe’s survey procedure is also unique in that crews lay out all Receivers and Electrodes completely before survey initiation; and then proceed to energize at multiple stations along the line. To help ensure premium data quality, we use a long stacking cycle of repeated measurements which drives out the best responses and cleanest data possible.

Alpha IP™ supports totally flexible layout geometries, so that survey designs are no longer constrained to the “multiple 2D line” geometries that previously have been required by traditional cabled systems or IP from other providers.

Higher Definition is the Optimal Route to Follow for Mineral Discovery

With its enhanced data sampling density in both 2D and 3D configurations, Alpha IP “Wireless “Distributed technology provides the highest definition data to resolve smaller targets which could be missed in conventional IP surveys or during surveys from other suppliers.

Our survey design eliminates data redundancy and unnecessary current injections, which ultimately saves survey costs as well. There is an internal GPS module for each unit for positioning accuracy and which also delivers flexibility in positioning individual Electrodes to avoid obstacles in the survey’s path (for 2D surveys) or area (for 3D surveys).

For 3D surveys, we establish multiple receiving directions for each transmit position which delivers real 3D data which can be interpreted directly using 3D inversion software.

Additional Thoughts on Alpha IP’s Ability to Deliver Premium Quality Data

We provide full waveform recording which provides data which is “clean” and premium quality right out of the Receiver, or we can boost the signal / data ratio through post processing of raw data. The time-series data is archived and can be used and reprocessed with any future survey data, such as an AI-driven exploration system.

We also provide a facility so that client technical teams may view the full waveform results to recognize subtle features and other geological representations that are often evident in the waveform.

New Ways to Add Value in Mineral Exploration for Explorers with Alpha IP™

Below, we see 2D modeled Alpha IP™ corresponding to a secondary mineral exploration challenge - in the Yukon, Canada - in which the objective of "wireless" Alpha IP geophysical surveying was to define signatures over a known resource and then extend these signatures to detect new reserves nearby. The added reserves were then leveraged in the explorer’s 2023 PEA to raise money for drilling.

Existing reserve is in the central area above and signature of the new reserve is at left. New deep target also to right. Proprietary RSC method focuses targeting. Courtesy of Granite Creek Copper.

For more information on how you can optimize your property for discovery with Alpha IP™ technology or utilize RSC technology for focused targeting: